Embiid Scores 28 Points, 76ers Triumph Over Raptors

Embiid scores 28 points, 76ers beat Raptors 114-99 in first game since Harden trade

In the fast-paced world of NBA, a thrilling matchup unfolded as Joel Embiid’s mesmerizing plays dominated the court. The Philadelphia 76ers, in their first game post-James Harden trade, showcased their prowess by defeating the Toronto Raptors 114-99. It was an eventful night filled with spectacular moments, and while the box score might not tell the whole story, the game left fans and experts alike buzzing.

The Enigma of Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid, the reigning NBA MVP, delivered an outstanding performance. While the box score credited him with just one blocked shot, there was an air of disbelief. Coach Nick Nurse expressed, “I was like, one? I feel like he should have been credited with four. I feel like he got a piece of three others. Does that count if you get a piece? Or do you have to beat it into the third row to get somebody to mark it down?” Despite the discrepancy, Embiid left his mark on the game with 28 points, 13 rebounds, and seven assists, making a significant contribution to the 76ers’ victory.

A New Beginning for the 76ers

The game held additional significance for the 76ers as it marked their first appearance since the James Harden trade. With Harden’s situation no longer looming over the franchise, the team could focus solely on their performance on the court. Joel Embiid commented, “I don’t think we’ve ever had any distractions. You can see the way we’ve been playing and the way we’ve carried ourselves. I don’t think we’ve been bothered. Guys have been focused, knowing that we’re still good enough.”

Supporting Cast Shines

While Joel Embiid was undoubtedly the star of the night, he had solid support from his teammates. Kelly Oubre Jr. and Tobias Harris each contributed 23 points, while Tyrese Maxey added 18. On the Raptors’ side, Scottie Barnes led with 24 points. Oubre’s inclusion in the starting lineup, following the departure of PJ Tucker in the Harden trade, did leave the 76ers with a thinner bench. Notably, Marcus Morris and Nic Batum, acquired from the Clippers, did not play in their first game with the 76ers.

Challenges for Nurse

Coach Nick Nurse faced his own set of challenges in his first season with the Raptors. Learning about his players, teaching his system, and dealing with the complexities of Harden’s playing status tested his coaching skills. Now, with the arrival of new players from the Harden trade, Nurse must navigate the process of integrating them into the team.

Nurse acknowledged the need for additional work during practices and shootarounds for the new 76ers players. “They’ll be in extra study halls here for a couple of days so we can get them up to speed,” he explained. It’s a transition period that requires patience and effort from both the coaching staff and the players.

Unexpected Role Players Shine

The 76ers used nine players in the game, with some unexpected role players stepping up when needed. Furkan Korkmaz, a player who hadn’t been in the postseason rotation, made a significant impact with a crucial dunk off a turnover and a three-pointer that excited the crowd. When the 76ers faced a tough third quarter, Korkmaz stepped in with a baseline reverse bucket and a free throw, pushing the lead to 90-77. His performance earned him the title of “Player of the Game.”

Raptors’ Rollercoaster Ride

The Toronto Raptors, on the other hand, had an up-and-down journey. They broke a three-game losing streak with a convincing 130-111 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks the previous night. However, they couldn’t carry that momentum into the game against the 76ers and suffered their second loss to the same team this season.


Q1: How many points did Joel Embiid score in the game?

A1: Joel Embiid scored 28 points in the game.

Q2: Who led the Toronto Raptors in scoring?

A2: Scottie Barnes led the Toronto Raptors with 24 points.

Q3: What challenges did Coach Nick Nurse face this season?

A3: Coach Nick Nurse faced challenges in learning about his players, teaching his system, and managing James Harden’s complicated playing status.


The Philadelphia 76ers’ victory over the Toronto Raptors was a remarkable display of skill and teamwork. Joel Embiid’s brilliance, along with the contributions from his teammates, set a promising tone for the post-James Harden era. While the Raptors had their moments, they’ll need to regroup and learn from this experience. As the NBA season unfolds, fans can look forward to more exciting matchups and unexpected heroes emerging on the court.

In a league where every game matters, this clash of talents is a testament to the spirit of competition and the ever-enthralling drama of the NBA.

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