Celtics Shine in In-Season Tournament Opener

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The Boston Celtics make a statement in their In-Season Tournament debut, defeating the Brooklyn Nets 121-107. Jaylen Brown’s outstanding 28-point contribution, coupled with Jayson Tatum’s double-double, propels the Celtics to victory. Explore the dynamics of the game, the pivotal role of the bench, and the team’s resilience.

Brown and Tatum Lead the Charge:

Jaylen Brown’s stellar performance, scoring 28 points and sinking five of Boston’s 19 3-pointers, becomes the driving force behind the Celtics’ triumph. Jayson Tatum’s double-double with 23 points and 10 rebounds adds to the team’s offensive prowess, showcasing the star power of the Celtics’ dynamic duo.

Bench Redemption:

After struggling in consecutive losses, Boston’s bench steps up in the tournament opener. Contributing 37 points, with notable performances from Sam Hauser (15 points) and Payton Pritchard (13 points), the bench proves its value beyond scoring. Coach Joe Mazzulla acknowledges Pritchard’s game-changing impact, emphasizing the team’s holistic contributions.

Learning Curve and Chemistry:

Brown reflects on the team’s learning curve and the ongoing process of building trust and chemistry. Despite the long season ahead, the Celtics focus on understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses. The win serves as a positive step in their journey of growth and cohesion.

Nets’ Effort and Short-Handed Challenges:

Lonnie Walker IV leads the Nets with 20 points, and Trendon Watford adds 14, but Brooklyn falls short in East Group C play with a 1-1 record. The absence of key players, including Ben Simmons and Cam Thomas, challenges the Nets, who rely on their bench for a competitive edge.

Tournament Makeover at TD Garden:

TD Garden undergoes a makeover, adopting an NBA-mandated tournament-themed look for the In-Season Tournament. Despite the change in aesthetics, the energy in the arena remains palpable as the Celtics showcase their prowess on the transformed court.

Fourth-Quarter Surge Secures Victory:

Boston faces a brief challenge as Brooklyn narrows the gap in the third quarter, cutting an 18-point deficit to nine. However, the Celtics respond with authority, opening the final period with an 18-6 run, sealing the victory at 121-107.


The Celtics’ impressive performance in their In-Season Tournament debut signifies resilience, teamwork, and individual brilliance. Jaylen Brown’s scoring prowess, complemented by Jayson Tatum’s double-double and the bench’s redemption, propels Boston to a convincing 121-107 win over the Brooklyn Nets. As the tournament unfolds, the Celtics aim to build on this momentum and continue their quest for success in the evolving NBA landscape.

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