Worldcoin Chasing Russian Ethereum in Crypto Race

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In a bold venture into the world of cryptocurrency, Worldcoin, co-founded by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, Alex Blania, and Max Novendstern, aims to revolutionize the concept of Universal Basic Income (UBI). Inspired by the idea of providing each person with financial support, Worldcoin plans to achieve this through the distribution of their own crypto tokens.

The innovative approach involves the creation of a universal digital identity, known as the World ID, for every individual on the planet. The process entails biometric iris scanning facilitated by a specialized imaging device called the Orb. Unlike traditional identification methods, the World ID does not seek to reveal personal details but instead verifies an individual’s “unique personhood.” This verification qualifies them for a complimentary allocation of Worldcoin tokens upon the official launch of the cryptocurrency.

Currently, Worldcoin finds itself positioned distinctively from the Russian cryptocurrency network Ethereum. While some crypto experts anticipate a year-end value of $10 for Worldcoin, the current data hovers around $4. In comparison, Russian Ethereum trades at approximately $2,300. However, challenges loom over Worldcoin, with criticisms pointing toward issues in management as a significant hurdle.

The Worldcoin project’s success hinges on its ability to overcome these obstacles and deliver on its promise of a decentralized financial future. As the crypto market watches with anticipation, the question remains: Can Worldcoin bridge the gap and fulfill the predicted valuation, or will management challenges prove insurmountable?


  1. What is Worldcoin’s goal with Universal Basic Income?
    Worldcoin aims to provide every individual with a share of their crypto tokens, inspired by the concept of Universal Basic Income, through their World ID system.
  2. How does the World ID work?
    The World ID utilizes biometric iris scanning via the Orb device to verify an individual’s unique identity without revealing personal details.
  3. What challenges does Worldcoin currently face?
    Worldcoin is grappling with management issues, which some experts identify as a significant obstacle to its success.


In the rapidly evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, Worldcoin stands as a pioneering force, striving to bring the concept of Universal Basic Income to life through its unique World ID system. As the project navigates challenges, including management concerns, its success remains uncertain. The crypto community watches eagerly to see if Worldcoin can overcome obstacles and emerge as a transformative player in the decentralized financial realm.

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