Verstappen winning lap deleted for exceeding track limits


United States F1: Leclerc’s Pole Position Triumph


In a nail-biting qualifying session at the United States Grand Prix, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc emerged victorious, securing pole position for Sunday’s high-octane race. The Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, served as the backdrop for this intense showdown. Leclerc’s stunning performance left fans on the edge of their seats, with McLaren’s Lando Norris coming in second, and the seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton, clinching the third spot on the grid.

Let’s dive into the electrifying moments that unfolded during this gripping qualifying session.

The Race to Pole Position

As the sun bathed the Circuit of the Americas in a golden glow, the anticipation in the air was palpable. With the championship rivalry between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton reaching a fever pitch, the stage was set for an unforgettable battle. However, Charles Leclerc had other plans.

Leclerc’s Remarkable Lap

In a stunning turn of events, Charles Leclerc’s scintillating lap put him at the front of the grid. His Ferrari roared around the circuit with precision and power, beating Lando Norris by a mere 0.130 seconds. The excitement was further amplified as Lewis Hamilton, just 0.009 seconds behind Norris, secured the third spot. It was a three-way battle for supremacy that no Formula 1 fan wanted to miss.

But Leclerc’s journey to pole position wasn’t without its share of drama.

Verstappen’s Momentary Triumph

Max Verstappen, the Dutch sensation who had been battling Hamilton all season, momentarily snatched the fastest time with his final run. Despite a heart-pounding mistake at the first corner, he powered through to the finish line with his Red Bull Racing machine. However, the jubilation was short-lived as race officials deleted his lap for exceeding track limits at Turn 19.

The Chase from Behind

The second row of the grid featured Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz and Mercedes’ George Russell. These drivers showcased their prowess, leaving spectators in awe of their skills. The battle for pole position was far from one-sided, and the competition was fierce.

Leclerc’s Triumphant Return

Charles Leclerc’s pole position at the United States Grand Prix marked his third grand prix pole of the year. His earlier triumphs in Azerbaijan and Carlos Sainz’s victory in Singapore had already underscored the resurgence of the iconic Ferrari team. Leclerc’s momentum was undeniable, and it wasn’t just a one-time performance.

Leclerc had previously claimed pole position for the sprint races in Belgium and Baku, showing that his speed and consistency were not to be underestimated. His name was etching itself into the annals of Formula 1 history.

Mastering the Circuit

Leclerc’s dominance was evident throughout the qualifying session. He not only secured pole position but was also the fastest in the second session. In the final top 10 shootout, he continued to impress with unmatched speed and precision, putting immense pressure on his competitors.

In his own words, “I felt good straight away from the first laps in practice, and then the key was to put the laps together in qualifying. It is a surprise for us, we definitely did not expect to be fighting for pole position.” Leclerc’s humility in victory showcased the unpredictable nature of Formula 1 and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Leclerc’s explanation for his remarkable progress since the Japanese Grand Prix was intriguing. He attributed his success to a Suzuka upgrade that allowed him to fine-tune the car to his preferred setup. “The car is very inconsistent,” he stated, “When you have oversteer, you lose a lot of grip, and the upgrade was aimed at exactly that, allowing me to set up the car the way I prefer.”

Norris’s Near Miss

While Leclerc basked in the glory of his pole position, Lando Norris couldn’t help but feel that he had narrowly missed the top spot. “I’m happy,” Norris said. “It’s been a good day. Probably not expected. A good bonus for the whole team. There was enough in it to get pole. I know Charles said he made a few mistakes, but so did I.”

Norris’s impressive performance made it clear that McLaren was a force to be reckoned with, and he wasn’t ready to let go of his championship dreams just yet.

Hamilton’s Resurgence

Lewis Hamilton’s third-place finish was a testament to his unwavering determination. His Mercedes received a significant upgrade for this race, and it clearly made a difference. “This is right up there with Silverstone,” Hamilton declared. “It really is a legendary layout, every driver loves it.”

Hamilton expressed his gratitude for the team’s relentless efforts in improving the car. He acknowledged that it was one of the first upgrades he had felt in the last two years, providing a ray of hope for Mercedes’ fans. With the right tweaks, he believed they could make their car super-competitive once more.

The Enigmatic Russell

While the focus was largely on the frontrunners, George Russell’s performance was enigmatic. The Mercedes driver admitted he had been “off the pace all day, and I don’t really know why.” Yet, he managed to secure the fifth spot, a testament to his resilience and talent.

In a sport where every millisecond counts, Russell’s ability to adapt and compete at a high level was commendable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Max Verstappen’s Pole Position Drama

Q1: What happened during Max Verstappen’s qualifying session?

A1: Max Verstappen secured pole position in a thrilling qualifying session despite a mistake at the first corner. However, his lap was later deleted for exceeding track limits at Turn 19, leading to controversy.

Q2: Why was Max Verstappen’s lap deleted?

A2: Verstappen’s lap was deleted due to a violation of track limits at Turn 19, a decision that ignited debates in the Formula 1 community.

Q3: How did Max Verstappen react to the lap deletion?

A3: Verstappen expressed his frustration with the track limit rules and their inconsistent enforcement, using an informal tone and a touch of humor to highlight his displeasure.

Q4: What did Verstappen’s performance during the qualifying session reveal?

A4: Despite the controversy, Verstappen’s performance showcased his exceptional skill and determination, leaving fans and competitors impressed with his prowess on the track.

Q5: What can we expect in the upcoming race?

A5: With Max Verstappen’s fierce competitiveness and exceptional pace, the race promises to be a captivating battle for victory, keeping Formula 1 enthusiasts on the edge of their seats.

Q6: How did Verstappen’s performance affect the Formula 1 world?

A6: Verstappen’s performance sent a clear message to the Formula 1 grid, emphasizing his position as a formidable force in the sport, irrespective of the track limit controversy.

Q7: What keywords are associated with this story?

A7: Max Verstappen, pole position, track limit controversy, Formula 1, qualifying session, Red Bull Racing, disallowed lap, informal tone, thrilling spectacle, competitive spirit, victory, Formula 1 world.

Q8: Will Verstappen’s pole position be reinstated?

A8: As of the latest information available, Verstappen’s pole position remained disallowed. However, updates may occur, and fans should stay tuned for any developments in this ongoing story.


The United States Grand Prix’s qualifying session was a rollercoaster of emotions and unpredictability. Charles Leclerc’s pole position victory was a testament to his skill and Ferrari’s resurgence, proving that the old guard still had what it took to dominate the world of Formula 1. As the drivers prepared for the race, the stage was set for a showdown of epic proportions. With Verstappen, Norris, Hamilton, Leclerc, and Russell at the front of the grid, fans could expect nothing less than high-speed drama and wheel-to-wheel battles.

As the lights went out on Sunday, the world would be watching to see if Leclerc could translate his pole position into a victory or if the seasoned pros like Hamilton and Verstappen would pull off a stunning comeback. In the world of Formula 1, anything can happen, and that’s what makes it so exhilarating. Stay tuned for the United States Grand Prix and watch as the world’s best drivers push the limits of speed and skill on the iconic Circuit of the Americas.

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