★★★★☆’Hidden Strike’: The new breed of action movies

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In the vast realm of cinema, stories come and go, some leaving an indelible mark while others fade into obscurity. “Hidden Strike” attempts to carve its own niche in the action-packed world of movies. However, beneath the surface of explosions and adrenaline rushes lies a story that struggles to rise above the ordinary.

A Multifaceted Plot Unfolds

The narrative revolves around a colossal corporation dominating the oil industry. Facing recurrent attacks by mercenaries, the company’s leadership opts to relocate to a more secure, green zone. Yet, the path to safety is fraught with peril, largely instigated by the disenfranchised population the corporation exploits. To counter these threats, they enlist the services of ex-special forces officer Chan, aptly known as Dragon.

Simultaneously, the group of mercenaries approaches Chris (Cena), another ex-special forces member who has taken on the admirable task of managing an orphanage in a local village. The mercenaries, under the command of Chris’s brother Henry, entreat him to intervene in their mission to abduct the company’s top executive, a professor. Chris, initially resistant, undergoes a transformation prompted by a severe water crisis necessitating a substantial amount of money. With a sandstorm as diversion, Chris and his brother’s squad successfully seize the professor and several other employees. As the story unfolds, the true mastermind behind the conspiracy is revealed – Owen, a discontented company insider on a vengeful rampage. Chris then shifts his allegiance from the B-team to Dragon’s A-team, setting the stage for a classic showdown between heroes and villains.

Family Dynamics and Missed Opportunities

The narrative introduces an underlying father-daughter relationship between Dragon and his daughter Mei, who happens to be an engineer working for the same company. Meanwhile, the comedic twist of Chris unwittingly pursuing Mei without recognizing her familial connection evokes a sense of nostalgia for comedic tropes from bygone eras.

The Downward Spiral of Potential

Regrettably, despite a compelling and gripping opening, “Hidden Strike” succumbs to predictability and clichés, relying heavily on star power rather than innovation. Director Waugh’s prior work, including the lackluster “Need For Speed” film, hints at a limited directorial range. The movie’s potential for an intense battle of wits between Jackie Chan and John Cena remains unrealized.

The Missing Link: Comedy and Action

While blending comedy with high-octane action can yield cinematic gold, “Hidden Strike” falls short in this department. It pales in comparison to the recent spectacle of humor-infused action scenes, like the yellow car sequence in “Mission Impossible.” This film’s selling point – its action – lacks the exceptional prowess needed to keep viewers at the edge of their seats throughout its runtime.

The Culmination of Potential

Amidst the mediocrity, a few sequences shine. Much like the riveting single-take action in “Extraction 2,” “Hidden Strike” features a captivating sandstorm scene that builds upon a masterful setup.

To Watch or Not to Watch?

As the curtain falls on “Hidden Strike,” the question arises: Should you invest your time in this cinematic endeavor? While it might hold some appeal for casual viewers, it ultimately fails to distinguish itself in the saturated action movie landscape. Countless superior alternatives promise entertainment on a grander scale. In a world brimming with choices, settling for mediocrity hardly seems justified.

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