Verstappen Secures 16th Victory at Mexico Grand Prix

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In a race that left fans on the edge of their seats, Max Verstappen showcased his prowess at the Mexico City Grand Prix. This weekend’s event was not just a win; it was a masterclass in racing. Verstappen, starting in third position, made an extraordinary start, seizing the lead from pole-sitter Charles Leclerc at Turn 1. The race, filled with unexpected twists and turns, saw Verstappen claim his fifth victory at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez and his remarkable 16th win of the season. Let’s dive into the action.

Verstappen’s Lightning Start

Max Verstappen’s journey to victory began with a jaw-dropping start. Starting from third place, he harnessed the slipstream created by pole-sitter Charles Leclerc and executed a flawless maneuver to take the lead at Turn 1. It was a defining moment that set the stage for the race’s excitement.

Turn 1 Drama

The excitement at Turn 1 didn’t stop with Verstappen’s overtaking. It took a dramatic twist as Charles Leclerc collided with the fast-starting Sergio Perez. The collision was a game-changer, effectively ending Perez’s chances at his home Grand Prix. The crowd was left in shock.

Magnussen’s Barrier Encounter

The race had its share of heart-stopping moments. At Turn 8, Kevin Magnussen’s car met the unforgiving barrier. Fortunately, the Danish driver emerged unscathed, but the damage to his car and the barrier resulted in the deployment of the red flags. It was a critical turning point in the race.

Verstappen Maintains Control

After the red flag period, Verstappen resumed racing with the same determination. Lewis Hamilton, on medium tires, managed to overtake Leclerc for second place a few laps later. The battle for positions continued to keep fans at the edge of their seats. Leclerc ultimately secured the final spot on the podium ahead of Carlos Sainz.

Impressive Performances

Lando Norris delivered an outstanding recovery drive, starting from 17th on the grid and eventually overtaking George Russell for fifth place. Meanwhile, Daniel Ricciardo’s strong performance for AlphaTauri landed him in seventh, contributing to an impressive weekend for his team.

The other McLaren, driven by Oscar Piastri, survived a collision with Yuki Tsunoda to finish in eighth place. Alex Albon’s continued strong performance for Williams earned him ninth place, while Esteban Ocon managed to overtake Nico Hulkenberg late in the race to secure 10th place for Alpine.


Q1: How many victories does Max Verstappen have this season?
A1: Max Verstappen secured his 16th victory of the season at the Mexico City Grand Prix.

Q2: What happened at Turn 1 of the race?
A2: Turn 1 witnessed a collision between Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez, leading to Perez’s early exit from the race.

Q3: Who secured the final spot on the podium?
A3: Charles Leclerc managed to claim the final spot on the podium, finishing third.


Max Verstappen’s dominant performance at the Mexico City Grand Prix adds another thrilling chapter to the 2023 Formula 1 season. With his exceptional driving skills and the drama on the track, this race will be remembered as one of the most exciting moments in motorsport.

As the season unfolds, the battle between Verstappen and Hamilton continues to captivate fans worldwide. In the world of Formula 1, every race promises excitement, and the Mexico City Grand Prix delivered just that. It’s a testament to the extraordinary talents and determination of these racing titans.

Stay tuned for more action on the Formula 1 circuit, where the only constant is the unpredictability of racing, and the passion of the fans that fuel the sport.

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