★★☆☆☆ Ferrari Roars on the Track, Stumbles at Home

ferrari film movie 2024

In the captivating biopic “Ferrari,” directed by Michael Mann, Adam Driver transforms into the legendary Enzo Ferrari, an Italian racecar magnate. The film takes viewers on a thrilling ride through the roaring engines and seductive curves of blood-red sports cars in the picturesque Italian countryside. Yet, beneath the adrenaline-fueled excitement, Enzo’s home life becomes a torment, adding depth to the cinematic experience.

Enzo Ferrari, portrayed by the tall and imposing Adam Driver, dominates the screen with his larger-than-life presence. Clad in boxy suits that accentuate his linebacker shoulders, Enzo embodies the Commendatore, a figure as iconic in Italy as the Pope. Mann, known for his high-stakes dramas, skillfully captures the essence of this racing legend’s journey from driver to entrepreneur.

The film, set in 1957, navigates Enzo’s struggle as the owner of a car company on the verge of financial collapse. Despite the teeth-rattling racing shots and visually stunning sequences, the storytelling occasionally falters in mundane details such as mergers, banking visits, and hints of accounting anomalies.

A surprising element is Driver’s muted portrayal, especially following his role in “House of Gucci.” The Italian business patriarch lacks the vibrancy needed to fully engage the audience. The supporting drivers, portrayed by Gabriel Leone, Jack O’Connell, and Patrick Dempsey, feel like mere sketches, making it challenging to invest in their fates.

However, the film finds redemption in Penélope Cruz’s outstanding performance as Laura Ferrari, Enzo’s perpetually furious wife. Cruz injects vibrant energy into the narrative, stomping through scenes with a handbag full of cash and long-held grudges. Her occasionally dramatic act of unloading a revolver into the wall adds a touch of intensity, emphasizing her character’s fiery disposition.

As Michael Mann embarks on a 30-year quest to bring “Ferrari” to the screen, the film emerges as a visual feast of racing glamour intertwined with the complexities of personal relationships. The juxtaposition of roaring engines and explosive marital discord creates a unique cinematic experience. While the film may struggle with pacing and character depth, it excels in portraying the contrasting facets of Enzo Ferrari’s life.


  1. What inspired Michael Mann to direct “Ferrari”?
  • Michael Mann was drawn to the allure of Enzo Ferrari’s life, a charismatic figure in the world of racing and business. The film showcases Mann’s 30-year journey to bring this captivating story to the screen.
  1. How does Adam Driver portray Enzo Ferrari?
  • Adam Driver embodies the iconic Enzo Ferrari with a commanding physical presence. However, some viewers may find his portrayal muted compared to his previous roles.
  1. Who steals the spotlight in “Ferrari”?
  • Penélope Cruz delivers a standout performance as Laura Ferrari, injecting vibrant energy and depth into the film. Her portrayal of Enzo’s fiery wife adds a compelling layer to the narrative.


“Ferrari” is a cinematic journey that combines the thrill of high-speed racing with the complexities of personal relationships. While Adam Driver’s portrayal may lack the expected vibrancy, Penélope Cruz shines, bringing life to the tumultuous world behind the iconic racecars. Michael Mann’s quest to bring this story to the screen has resulted in a visually stunning experience, even if the film occasionally stumbles on the road to Enzo Ferrari’s legacy.

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