BYD Denza N7 claim 702km range

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The BYD Group has unveiled its highly-anticipated Denza N7 electric SUV, sparking intensified competition within the electric vehicle industry. With over 20,000 pre-orders already flooding in, this new release, often regarded as a direct contender to Tesla’s Model Y, is generating significant attention. Despite the extravagant launch, can the Denza N7 genuinely challenge the Tesla Model Y, beyond the hype?

The Denza N7 electric SUV is a testament to BYD’s dedication to technological advancement and innovative design. It rests upon an upgraded version of BYD’s e-Platform 3.0, featuring the cutting-edge CTB (Cell-to-Body) structural battery system and the intelligent iTAC (Intelligence Torque Adaptation Control System). The vehicle’s exterior showcases the π-MOTION design, symbolizing circularity and boundless potential. Notably, purchasers have the option to select from two distinct front-face designs—one overtly signifying N7’s electric nature, while the other maintains a more discreet appearance.

Built upon a fresh, purely electric platform, with an integrated chassis battery, and dimensions measuring 4,860 mm x 1,935 mm x 1,602 mm, along with a wheelbase of 2,940 mm, the Denza N7 offers a spacious ride. While slightly longer than the Tesla Model Y, it positions itself between the Model Y and Model X in size.

In terms of power and performance, the Denza N7 outperforms many rivals. Available in both single-motor and dual-motor four-wheel drive versions, it features a 91.4 kWh ‘blade’ battery pack. The single-motor model boasts a peak power of 230 kW, accompanied by a CLTC range of 702 km. The dual-motor four-wheel drive edition impresses with a maximum power of 390 kW, accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds, and offering a CLTC range of 630 km—equivalent to the Tesla Model Y Performance.

The Denza N7 introduces an innovative charging feature, capable of handling 150 kW with a single charging gun and an impressive 230 kW with dual charging guns. This potent charging system can replenish up to 350 km of range in a mere 15 minutes, adding 100 km of range in just 4 minutes. In comparison, Tesla’s Supercharger V3 supports up to 250 kW—however, the Denza N7’s unique advantage is that it doesn’t necessitate a specialized DC charger; it only requires two.

Internally, the Denza N7 flaunts a remarkable six screens, including a 17.3-inch central control screen, a 10.25-inch LCD instrument panel, a 10.25-inch entertainment screen for the co-pilot, an AR-HUD (Augmented Reality Head-Up Display), and dual intelligent air vent display screens. The vehicle prioritizes privacy by allowing users to disable cameras. It further incorporates an augmented reality head-up display, projecting digital information over the road ahead. For audiophiles, the Denza N7 features a Devialet audio system, complemented by Nappa leather-covered seats and a front trunk spacious enough for a 20-inch suitcase.

Emphasizing safety, BYD introduces the Advanced Intelligent Driving Assistance System in the Denza N7, humorously referred to as the “God’s Eye.” This system offers comprehensive vehicle support, assistance, and emergency response in all scenarios. While the moniker may be a touch excessive, it relies on BYD’s advanced electronic architecture and comprehensive self-developed capabilities to provide a holistic solution for intelligent driving at the vehicle system level.

Delivery is slated for mid-July, and the Denza N7 has already garnered significant interest. Approximately 3,000 units are expected to be delivered in July, followed by an additional 6,000 units in August. With pre-orders exceeding 20,000 units, the Denza N7 appears poised to make a significant impact on the electric vehicle market. Featuring six versions in total, prices start from RMB 301,800 (€38,800), with the priciest model beginning at RMB 379,800 (€48,800)—a mere RMB 16,000 (€2,100) more than the Tesla Model Y Performance.

The Denza N7 holds substantial promise with its competitive pricing and BYD’s robust marketing efforts. Already showing success in pre-orders, if the company maintains timely delivery, the N7 could rise swiftly through the sales ranks. Yet, the question remains: will it truly affect the Tesla Model Y? Even so, Tesla retains the option to lower prices further, a move that BYD might struggle to match without consequences. On paper, the N7 boasts quality in terms of performance, comfort, technology, and pricing. Ultimately, only time will reveal if buyers concur.

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