BYD Launches First South American Factory in Brazil

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BYD Company Ltd., a major Chinese corporation, is set to make a significant impact in South America with the announcement of its first manufacturing facility in Campinas, Brazil. The factory, scheduled to open in 2015, will play a crucial role in the production of electric transit buses and innovative Iron-Phosphate battery packs, marking a strategic move towards sustainable and eco-friendly technologies in the region.

Factory Location and Job Creation:
Campinas, situated in the São Paulo region of Brazil, has been chosen as the site for BYD’s latest venture. This decision is aligned with the city’s spirit of innovation and commitment to building a cleaner society. The establishment of the factory is expected to generate approximately 450 new local jobs, providing a boost to the economic landscape of Campinas.

Product Focus: Electric Buses and Battery Packs:
The upcoming factory will specialize in the manufacturing and assembly of the world’s only long-range pure electric transit bus in South America. Additionally, it will produce the first fire-safe and recyclable Iron-Phosphate battery packs. BYD Brazil’s General Manager, Tyler Li, projects a maximum production capacity of 1,000 electric buses and corresponding batteries in the first year of operation. This marks the initial phase of BYD’s manufacturing expansion in the region.

Vision for a Sustainable Future:
BYD Founder and Chairman, Mr. Wang Chuanfu, expressed the company’s vision for the Campinas facility, extending beyond electric buses and batteries. The aspiration includes the production of solar panels and energy storage systems, aligning with the region’s goals of achieving zero emissions. This comprehensive approach reflects BYD’s commitment to sustainable technologies and their integration into the local community.

Research & Development Center: Future Expansion Plans:
BYD’s commitment to innovation goes beyond manufacturing. In the second phase of site development, the company plans to open a Research & Development center focusing on Photovoltaic, Smart-Grid, and LED Lighting technologies. This expansion underscores BYD’s dedication to advancing high-tech sectors in the region.

Local Government Support:
The Mayor of Campinas, Jonas Donizette, expressed enthusiasm about BYD’s presence, emphasizing how the company aligns with the city’s goals of attracting investments and promoting sustainability. This sentiment was echoed by various stakeholders, including Luciano Almeida, President of Invest São Paulo, highlighting BYD’s cutting-edge technology and product quality observed during a visit to China.

BYD’s Global Presence:
BYD Company Ltd. is recognized as one of China’s largest corporations, with successful global expansions in Europe, North and South America. Specializing in battery technologies, electric vehicles, and green energy solutions, BYD’s mission extends beyond sales growth to sociological integration and local job creation in the communities they operate in.

BYD’s strategic move to establish its first factory in Campinas, Brazil, signifies a significant step towards promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies in South America. The facility’s focus on electric transit buses and innovative battery solutions aligns with the region’s commitment to zero emissions. BYD’s holistic approach, encompassing manufacturing and research, positions the company as a key player in driving advancements in the high-tech sectors of the region, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

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