Coscoin Crypto App Users Fear Losses, Withdrawal Issues

coscoin crypto app

Users of the cryptocurrency app Coscoin, also known as Cosetek, are facing mounting concerns over potential financial losses as they encounter difficulties making withdrawals. Touted as a leading AI quantitative trading platform promising investment doubling, Coscoin has left users unable to access funds since November 23. The lack of response from Coscoin has heightened anxiety among investors, with some reporting losses in the thousands of pounds.

Coscoin’s Promises and User Experiences:
Coscoin, presenting itself as a platform for doubling investments through AI quantitative trading, has allegedly left users stranded with no access to their funds. Users had to transfer funds via the cryptocurrency blockchain app Kraken to place money into Coscoin. Notifications prompted users to hit a button, supposedly quantifying their investment and potentially increasing it. However, since November 23, users across the UK have reported unsuccessful attempts to withdraw their investments.

Concerns Among Users:
The allure of Coscoin’s promises has spread through WhatsApp groups and word of mouth, attracting users with the prospect of doubling their investments. However, the inability to make withdrawals, coupled with the lack of response from Coscoin, has left investors frustrated, angry, and fearing financial losses. Some have reported losing thousands of pounds, with individuals, including workers at the Nissan plant in Washington, being affected.

Unfulfilled Promises and Frustrated Investors:
Users initially drawn in by the seemingly lucrative opportunity offered by Coscoin faced problems after the platform’s “Thanksgiving special.” Attempts to increase investments by pushing a button on the app reportedly led to withdrawal issues. Frustrated investors, unable to contact Coscoin’s admin, express regret for involving family and friends in the investment venture. The situation has left investors disillusioned and eager to warn others against falling prey to such schemes.

The Coscoin cryptocurrency app has stirred alarm among users who now fear significant financial losses due to withdrawal issues. Despite the platform’s promises of doubling investments through AI quantitative trading, users find themselves unable to access funds since November 23. With losses reported in the thousands of pounds, the lack of response from Coscoin has heightened anxiety and frustration among investors, prompting warnings to others about the risks associated with such investment schemes.


  1. Q: What is Coscoin’s description and how does it claim to operate?
  • A: Coscoin describes itself as a “leading AI quantitative trading platform” where users can double their investments through trading activities.
  1. Q: How did users deposit money into the Coscoin app?
  • A: Users had to send funds to the Coscoin app via a third-party app called Kraken, a cryptocurrency blockchain. Kraken is not implicated in any wrongdoing.
  1. Q: When did users start facing issues with withdrawals from Coscoin?
  • A: Users began encountering problems with withdrawals from Coscoin since November 23, following a “Thanksgiving special” on the app.
  1. Q: What impact has the Coscoin situation had on users, and how are they reacting?
  • A: Users, including workers at the Nissan plant, report losses in the thousands of pounds and express frustration, anger, and regret for involving others. There are warnings to alert others about the potential risks associated with such investment schemes.

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