Crypto fraudster found dismembered in suitcase

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The crypto fraudster who was found dismembered in a suitcase in Argentina reportedly received messages threatening to cut out his eyes and chop off his hands in the week before he was killed.

Fernando Pérez Algaba’s body was discovered by a group of children in the town of Ingeniero Budge over the weekend. The businessman and influencer had been reported missing on July 18.

“I’m going to kill you, I’m going to do something worse to you,” a man said in a menacing voice message to Algaba before he vanished. “I’m going to gouge out your eyes and cut off your hands so that you can’t have any more money in your life.”

“I swear on my children that I have no problem going to jail,” said the man, who was identified only by his surname Iglesias, according to Argentinian outlet Télam.

Police are investigating the murder after the children made the grisly discovery. Only Algaba’s arms and legs were initially found in the suitcase, but he was identified by his fingerprints and a tattoo on his torso, which was found with his head days later.

An autopsy revealed that Algaba had been shot three times before his body was dismembered. The body parts were cleanly amputated, suggesting the work of a professional, local media reported.

Algaba had amassed his fortune renting high-end vehicles and selling cryptocurrency and flashed his luxury lifestyle to his 1,900,000 plus Instagram followers.

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