Dongfeng Aeolus Haohan starts from £9,900


Embracing a New Era: Dongfeng Aeolus Haohan’s Remarkable Features

Dongfeng, a trailblazer in the automotive industry, has unleashed a sensational masterpiece, the Aeolus Haohan. This vehicle introduces a captivating blend of power, style, and cutting-edge technology, all within your reach. Let’s delve into the key aspects that set the Dongfeng Aeolus Haohan apart:

A Plethora of Purchase Benefits

Dongfeng proudly presents six compelling car purchase rights and privileges, enhancing your driving experience to the fullest. These include financial gifts, replacement perks, upgrade bonuses, intellectual amusement benefits, warranty advantages, and worry-free conveniences. With Dongfeng, it’s not just a car; it’s a world of privileges.

Striking Aesthetics: A Visual Delight

The official website of Dongfeng Aeolus Haohan showcases an array of enticing colors. From the elegant ceramic white to the bold hacker green, each hue adds character to your driving journey. The design philosophy draws inspiration from the celestial skies, with the front face offering two captivating grille options: the “starry” and the “star track.” Illuminating your path are LED starlight headlights and a star-speed phantom track tail. The bilateral 4-outlet tail throat enhances the vehicle’s dynamic profile.

Dimensions and Wheels: Perfect Harmony

Dongfeng Aeolus Haohan’s dimensions epitomize balance and elegance. With a length, width, and height of 4650mm, 1905mm, and 1630mm respectively, it commands attention on the road. The spacious 2775mm wheelbase ensures a comfortable and smooth ride. The vehicle’s stance is further elevated by three wheel options: 18-inch, 19-inch, and 20-inch, allowing you to customize your driving experience.

Captivating Interior: Where Innovation Meets Comfort

Stepping inside the Dongfeng Aeolus Haohan, you’re greeted by a symphony of innovation and comfort. The 13.2-inch central control large screen becomes the heart of your driving experience, seamlessly integrating entertainment and navigation. Complementing this is the 10.25-inch full LCD instrument panel, providing essential information at a glance. The double-spoke flat-bottomed multifunctional steering wheel exudes a sporty feel, while the smart cockpit adorned with celestial accents elevates the ambiance.

Empowering Intelligence: WindLink OS 2.0

The Dongfeng Aeolus Haohan takes intelligence to the next level with its WindLink OS 2.0 intelligent system. Boasting features like AutoNavi map navigation, Internet of Vehicles connectivity, and 4G/5G network support, the vehicle keeps you seamlessly connected to the digital world. The system’s OTA upgrade capability ensures you’re always up-to-date with the latest enhancements.

Embrace the Future with Dongfeng Aeolus Haohan

In conclusion, the Dongfeng Aeolus Haohan is not merely a car; it’s an embodiment of innovation, luxury, and empowerment. With its remarkable purchase rights, captivating aesthetics, harmonious dimensions, captivating interior, and cutting-edge intelligence, it’s poised to redefine your driving experience. Embrace the future of automotive excellence with Dongfeng Aeolus Haohan – where every drive is a journey of elegance and advancement.

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