Jos Verstappen praise on son Max after latest F1 title win

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The world of Formula 1 is buzzing with excitement as we witness the emotional journey of Jos Verstappen, who can’t contain his pride and joy, celebrating his son Max’s incredible feat of securing a third successive F1 championship title. In this article, we’ll explore the heartfelt moments, emotions, and the dominance of Max Verstappen throughout the season. Additionally, we’ll discuss the reprimand and fine issued to Lewis Hamilton following a dramatic incident during the Qatar Grand Prix.

I’m very proud – Jos Verstappen’s Overwhelming Emotions

Jos Verstappen’s pride and emotion know no bounds as he witnesses his son’s remarkable journey to a third successive F1 championship title. Max Verstappen’s dominance on the track has been nothing short of extraordinary, and Jos’s sentiments are a testament to the incredible achievements of his son.

Max’s journey to victory has been characterized by unwavering determination and impeccable skill. He has consistently outperformed his competitors, leaving no room for doubt about his capabilities as a racing driver. Jos Verstappen’s emotions, as he witnesses his son’s success, mirror the sentiments of fans and fellow racers worldwide.

Jos’s pride is a reflection of the dedication and hard work Max has invested in his career. This title win is not just a triumph for Max but a source of immense pride for his father and a moment to cherish for all F1 enthusiasts.

The Domination of Max Verstappen

One cannot discuss Max Verstappen’s championship win without acknowledging the sheer domination he displayed throughout the season. Max’s performance was nothing short of exceptional, and his consistency was the key to his success.

Max’s Consistency

Max Verstappen’s ability to maintain his top form race after race is awe-inspiring. His performances were characterized by an unparalleled level of consistency, which kept him ahead in the championship race. The ability to secure a second-place finish in the Sprint at the Lusail International Circuit was a testament to his unwavering focus.

Victories from 17 Races

Perhaps the most outstanding achievement of Max Verstappen’s season was his remarkable 14 victories from 17 races. This level of dominance is rare in the world of Formula 1 and solidifies his position as a true racing legend.

The Emotional Highs

Each of Max’s victories was met with emotional highs for not only him but also for his father, Jos Verstappen. The pride and joy of seeing his son achieve greatness was an emotional rollercoaster for Jos, and fans shared in this sentiment.

Stewards Hand Out Reprimand and Fine to Hamilton

The Qatar Grand Prix witnessed a dramatic incident involving Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. Hamilton’s attempt to overtake Russell on the outside of Turn 1 led to contact between the two. In the aftermath, the stewards took action.

The First-Lap Collision

The incident occurred during the first lap of the race when Hamilton attempted a daring move around the outside of Turn 1. Unfortunately, the move resulted in contact with George Russell, who found himself sandwiched between the seven-time world champion and the pole-sitting Red Bull driver, Max Verstappen.

Stewards’ Decision

In the wake of the collision, the race stewards reprimanded Lewis Hamilton and imposed a fine. The decision was met with mixed reactions from the F1 community. It highlighted the fine line between aggressive racing and incidents that can result in penalties.

The Drama Continues

The incident added an extra layer of drama to an already exciting race weekend. It also raised questions about the nature of racing incidents and the role of stewards in ensuring fair competition on the track.


What is Max Verstappen’s achievement in the F1 championship?
Max Verstappen secured his third successive F1 championship title.

How many races did Max Verstappen win during the season?
Max Verstappen won an impressive 14 out of 17 races.

What was the outcome of the first-lap collision involving Lewis Hamilton and George Russell?
Following the collision, Lewis Hamilton was reprimanded by the stewards and fined.

What role did Jos Verstappen play in Max’s journey to the championship?
Jos Verstappen, Max’s father, celebrated his son’s success and expressed immense pride in his achievements.

How did Max Verstappen’s consistency contribute to his championship win?
Max’s consistent performance throughout the season played a pivotal role in his championship win.

What was the emotional impact of Max Verstappen’s victories on Jos Verstappen?
Jos Verstappen experienced profound emotions of pride and joy as he witnessed his son’s victories and championship win.


The F1 community is basking in the glory of Max Verstappen’s third successive championship title. The emotional journey of Jos Verstappen, his father, reflects the pride and joy that this achievement has brought to fans and racers alike. Max’s dominance and consistency have been the hallmarks of his season, making him a true racing legend. The incident involving Lewis Hamilton and George Russell added a touch of drama to the Qatar Grand Prix and raised questions about the fine line in racing. As we celebrate Max’s victory, we also acknowledge the role of emotions and sportsmanship in the world of Formula 1.


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