France Orders Apple to Halt iPhone 12 Sales Over Radiation

radioactive apple iphone 12

In a surprising turn of events, the French authorities have taken a bold step by ordering Apple to cease the sale of its iPhone 12 model. The reason? Concerns over the device emitting an excessive amount of electromagnetic radiation. This directive came from the French regulatory body responsible for radio frequencies, known as the ANFR (Agence Nationale des Fréquences).

The ANFR’s decision, issued on a Tuesday, not only requires Apple to halt future sales of the iPhone 12 in France but also demands that the tech giant takes action to address the issue in existing phones.

What Led to This Decision?

The controversy surrounding the iPhone 12’s radiation levels has sparked a nationwide debate in France. The ANFR conducted extensive testing and found that the device exceeded the permissible limits for electromagnetic radiation emissions. This raised serious concerns about the potential health risks associated with prolonged exposure to such levels of radiation.

Apple’s Response

Apple has been advised by the ANFR to rectify the situation promptly. The company has two options: either resolve the issue through a software update or initiate a full recall of every iPhone 12 ever sold in France. The latter option, a comprehensive recall, would undoubtedly be a costly endeavor for the tech giant and could tarnish its reputation.

The World Health Organization’s Stance

It’s essential to note that the World Health Organization (WHO) has previously addressed concerns related to radiation emitted by mobile phones. On their official website, WHO has explicitly stated that there is no conclusive evidence to suggest that exposure to low-level electromagnetic fields, such as those produced by mobile phones, poses any harm to human health.

This statement by WHO adds an intriguing layer to the situation. While French authorities have acted decisively, the global consensus on the safety of mobile phone radiation remains unchanged.

The iPhone 12’s Global Impact

The iPhone 12, first introduced to the market in September 2020, continues to be sold worldwide. This raises questions about whether other countries will follow France’s lead or if Apple will take swift action to address the concerns raised by the ANFR.

As the story unfolds, the tech world watches closely, and consumers await Apple’s response to this unprecedented directive from the French regulatory authority.


1. Is the iPhone 12 safe to use in other countries?

  • As of now, there is no indication that the iPhone 12 poses a similar radiation concern in other countries. However, regulatory bodies worldwide may monitor the situation closely.

2. How can consumers in France check if their iPhone 12 is affected?

  • Apple is likely to provide guidance for French iPhone 12 owners to determine if their devices are affected by excessive radiation emissions.

3. What are the potential health risks associated with electromagnetic radiation?

  • According to the World Health Organization, there is no conclusive evidence of harm to humans from low-level electromagnetic fields.


The decision by France to halt iPhone 12 sales due to concerns over electromagnetic radiation is a significant development in the tech industry. Apple’s response and the global impact of this directive remain uncertain. While the ANFR’s decision reflects their commitment to safety, it also highlights the ongoing debate regarding the health effects of mobile phone radiation. As this story evolves, it will undoubtedly continue to generate interest and discussion worldwide.

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