Rudy Giuliani Faces $148M Verdict

Rudy Giuliani must pay more than $148m

In a groundbreaking verdict, Rudy Giuliani, former personal lawyer to Donald Trump, has been slapped with a staggering $148 million penalty over false claims regarding the 2020 election. The trial centered on Giuliani’s defamatory statements against Georgia poll workers Ruby Freeman and her daughter Wandrea “Shaye” Moss, leading to a four-day legal showdown.

The Verdict Unveiled:

The eight-person jury didn’t mince words, ordering $20 million each for defamation and over $16 million per victim for emotional distress. An additional punitive damages payment of $75 million, to be split between the two women, sends a resounding message. Giuliani, with a reported net worth of $50 million, now faces a financial tsunami.

Giuliani’s Response:

Addressing reporters outside the court, Giuliani defiantly declared, “I don’t regret a damn thing.” Plans for Giuliani to testify in his own defense were abruptly canceled, raising eyebrows. The former mayor of New York, undeterred, plans to appeal what he deems an “absurd” penalty, showcasing his determination to fight back.

Trial Highlights:

Michael Gottlieb, the lawyer for Freeman and Moss, branded Giuliani as “patient zero” of misinformation. The jury, exposed to days of harrowing evidence, gained insight into the unspeakable horror endured by the victims. A stiff financial penalty, Gottlieb argued, aims to send a message to Giuliani and other influential figures wielding a platform.

Fallout Beyond the Courtroom:

The trial revealed the real-world consequences of Giuliani’s actions. Freeman testified about fleeing her home due to the false video shared by Giuliani, exposing her to danger and isolation. The chilling impact resonates as Freeman and Moss contemplate possible future lawsuits against other public figures who spread lies about them.

Giuliani’s Legal Quagmire:

This verdict is just one chapter in Giuliani’s legal saga. Criminal charges in Georgia, a $10 million lawsuit for sexual harassment, and over half a million dollars owed in federal taxes paint a grim picture. Recent court filings reveal financial woes, raising questions about Giuliani’s future.


Q: What was Giuliani’s reaction to the verdict?

A: Giuliani defiantly declared, “I don’t regret a damn thing,” and plans to appeal the “absurd” penalty.

Q: What are the additional legal challenges Giuliani faces?

A: Giuliani faces criminal charges in Georgia, a sexual harassment lawsuit, and owes over half a million dollars in federal taxes.

Q: How did Freeman and Moss react to the verdict?

A: Freeman and Moss hinted at possible future lawsuits against those who spread lies about them, emphasizing the need for accountability.


The $148 million verdict against Rudy Giuliani serves as a landmark moment, holding a powerful figure accountable for false election claims. Beyond the financial ramifications, the trial sheds light on the profound impact of misinformation on individuals’ lives. As Giuliani plans his appeal, the legal battles continue, unraveling a complex web of consequences for the once-prominent lawyer.

In a world where truth is paramount, the Giuliani saga serves as a stark reminder of the real-world consequences of spreading misinformation. The fallout extends beyond the courtroom, affecting lives and livelihoods. As the legal drama unfolds, the repercussions will undoubtedly shape the future of political discourse and accountability.

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