Smart Expands EV Lineup: The Big Reveal of the Smart #3 at Munich Motor Show

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Smart’s EV Evolution Continues

As the automotive industry charges ahead in the realm of electric mobility, Smart is making waves with its expanded lineup of electric vehicles. Following the recent introduction of the crossover Smart #1, the brand’s ambitions are further pronounced with the unveiling of the Smart #3 – the largest car to sport the iconic Smart badge. This coupe-SUV is poised to make a splash at the Munich Motor Show, marking its first appearance in Europe after its initial debut at the Shanghai Auto Show. While Smart remains tight-lipped about specific details, the allure of the #3’s design and features offers a glimpse into the brand’s commitment to the electrified future.

Design Harmony: Bigger Yet Familiar

One of the most striking aspects of the Smart #3 is its cohesive design language, which is reminiscent of its smaller sibling, the #1. The sleek exterior design, prominent front and rear light bars, and distinctive clamshell bonnet all mirror the styling cues that have become synonymous with Smart. This design continuity not only creates a visual identity for the brand but also emphasizes a seamless transition across its EV offerings.

Sporty Interior Refinement

Inside the #3’s cabin, echoes of the #1 continue to resonate, yet with a sportier twist. A harmonious blend of design elements, including circular air vents and upgraded trim materials, imbues the interior with a dynamic feel. At the heart of the dashboard lies a commanding 12.3-inch touchscreen, commanding attention and control. An impressive 13-speaker Beats sound system further underscores Smart’s intent to resonate with a younger demographic, catering to their preferences for advanced technology and immersive audio experiences.

Underpinnings of Performance

Smart’s association with Geely has opened doors to synergistic collaborations, with the #3 expected to share significant components with its smaller counterpart, the #1. Leaning on Geely’s Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) platform, which also underpins models from Zeekr, the #3 promises a harmonious balance of performance and sustainability. Official documents submitted to the Chinese government reveal that one variant of the #3 will house a rear-mounted 268bhp electric motor, indicative of Smart’s commitment to delivering spirited driving experiences.

Battery and Range Speculation

As details surrounding the Smart #3’s battery capacity and range remain elusive, experts speculate that it may inherit the 62kWh (usable) battery pack from the #1. Additionally, Smart could leverage its ties with Geely’s portfolio, possibly borrowing insights from brands like Volvo, to bolster the #3’s driving range. To carve a niche in the competitive electric SUV arena and vie with contenders such as the Tesla Model Y, Skoda Enyaq iV, and Volkswagen ID.5, a range of around 300 miles is considered a suitable benchmark.

Conclusion: A Dazzling Step Forward

The impending arrival of the Smart #3 on the European stage signals a new chapter in Smart’s electric journey. As the brand widens its horizons and elevates its offerings, the #3 encapsulates Smart’s commitment to marrying cutting-edge design, performance, and innovation. With a sleek exterior, sporty interior, and advanced features, the Smart #3 intends to captivate a generation that seeks the perfect blend of style and sustainability. As the Munich Motor Show sets the stage for this grand debut, Smart’s aspirations for electric excellence are poised to shine brighter than ever.

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