Volkswagen Unveils All-New Tiguan: Third-Gen SUV Innovation

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In a world premiere that has automotive enthusiasts buzzing with anticipation, Volkswagen is proud to unveil the all-new Tiguan, marking the dawn of the third generation of this iconic bestseller. The Tiguan has carved its name as one of Volkswagen’s most triumphant models globally, with over 7.6 million discerning buyers choosing this compact SUV since its debut in 2007. And the wait for the latest iteration won’t be long, as the new Tiguan is set to hit dealership floors as early as the first quarter of 2024.

Kai Grünitz, Brand Board Member for Technical Development, emphasized the technological leap the Tiguan has taken, thanks to the cutting-edge Modular Transverse Matrix (MQB evo). This innovative foundation allows Volkswagen to democratize high-tech advancements such as the DCC Pro and the new hybrid drives, boasting an impressive all-electric range of approximately 100 km. These innovations will be accessible to hundreds of thousands of drivers, redefining what’s possible for compact SUVs.

The technological marvels achieved through MQB evo elevate the Tiguan’s performance and efficiency in virtually every aspect. New hybrid drivetrains, with extended all-electric capabilities, promise a greener and more economical driving experience. Furthermore, AC charging speeds have been improved across all eHybrid models, and for the first time, fast DC charging comes standard. A state-of-the-art Digital Cockpit, based on the MIB4, the fourth-generation modular infotainment matrix, brings a wealth of information and digital services to your fingertips. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, it ensures a seamless and intuitive experience. Additionally, features like a pneumatic massage function for front seats and IQ.LIGHT HD matrix headlights, previously exclusive to the premium Touareg model, make their Tiguan debut. The adaptive chassis control DCC Pro takes comfort and dynamics to new heights, while the latest Park Assist generation automates parking maneuvers with precision.

Expressive Design & Improved Aerodynamics

The Tiguan’s exterior receives a complete makeover, featuring a powerful front with sleek LED headlights and a glass-covered horizontal strip. The radiator grille openings now flank the bumper’s outer sides, enhancing airflow with air curtains. This design evolution isn’t just about aesthetics; it significantly improves aerodynamics, with the drag coefficient reduced from 0.33 to 0.28. The Tiguan’s athletic shoulders over the wheel housings, accommodating wheels of up to 20 inches, add to its visual appeal. At the rear, a new horizontal LED strip highlights the unmistakable Tiguan identity.

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New Cockpit and Infotainment System Generation

Step inside the Tiguan, and you’ll be greeted by a completely redesigned interior, exuding quality and craftsmanship. The new cockpit is intuitive, integrated, and boasts a clean, intelligent design. Its components include the Digital Cockpit, a generous infotainment screen measuring up to 38 centimeters (15 inches) with revamped menus and graphics, a new head-up display, and a multifunction driving experience switch featuring an integrated OLED display. This rotary control allows you to adjust driving profiles, radio volume, and ambient lighting colors effortlessly. Additionally, the new IDA voice assistant simplifies interactions with various vehicle and infotainment functions, making your drive more convenient than ever.

Efficient Range of Drives

The Tiguan’s adaptability is thanks to the MQB evo platform, allowing for various drive types, including turbo diesel engines (TDI), turbo gasoline engines (TSI), mild hybrid turbo gasoline engines (eTSI), and plug-in hybrid systems (eHybrid). The latter will exclusively be available with automatic transmission (DSG) in the future. The gear selection has been made more intuitive, with a steering column switch on the right of the steering wheel for seamless transitions between drive modes. Paddle shifters behind the steering wheel offer additional control.

Electronically Controlled Running Gear

The MQB evo underpins a new generation of running gear, with the optional DCC Pro featuring two-valve shock absorbers. The Vehicle Dynamics Manager, borrowed from the Golf GTI, orchestrates the electronic differential locks (XDS) and controlled shock absorbers in the DCC Pro system. These enhancements improve comfort, stability, agility, and precision during dynamic cornering, elevating your driving experience.

Seats for Long Distances

The Tiguan prioritizes comfort with ergoActive Plus seats, offering pneumatic four-way lumbar adjustment and a pneumatic 10-chamber pressure massage function. These seats also feature a programming function that automatically activates seat heating or ventilation based on outside temperatures, ensuring an optimal climate during your journey.

High-Performance Assist Systems

The Tiguan comes equipped with a comprehensive suite of standard convenience and assist systems, including Side Assist, Front Assist, Lane Assist, Rear View, and Dynamic Road Sign Display. Optional systems like Park Assist Pro, with remote parking capability via a smartphone app, and Trailer Assist further enhance driving convenience.

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Larger Luggage Compartment

Despite only a slight increase in length, the new Tiguan boasts a larger luggage compartment, with a capacity expanded by 37 liters to 652 liters when loaded up to the height of the rear seat backrests. This enhancement demonstrates Volkswagen’s commitment to optimizing space usage.

As the automotive world eagerly awaits the arrival of the third-generation Tiguan in dealerships, it’s clear that this SUV is set to redefine the driving experience with its technological prowess, striking design, and enhanced efficiency. Volkswagen’s commitment to innovation continues to shine, promising an extraordinary journey for Tiguan enthusiasts around the world.

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